Stay on top of your factory scheduled maintenance

Your car is generally the second largest purchase that you will make in your life. Shouldn't you do everything you can to get the most out of it?


Staying on top of your factory scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your car or truck for years and years. It's recommended that at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles to schedule extensive maintenance so if you're getting close, pick up the phone and schedule a time with Holly Oak Towing & Service Center. Your car will thank you.

Keeps your car running like new

You know the strain that the day-to-day commute can put on your car. With all of that stop and go traffic accompanied with varying weather, your car takes a beating week after week. But staying on top of your oil changes and tire rotations will go a long way towards keeping your car in great shape. Schedule one today.

Maintenance for every system

 •  Oil changes

 •  Factory recommended maintenance (30/60/90)

 •  Tire balancing and rotation

 •  Tune-ups

Save big money today and down the road

When it's time for your maintenance or auto repairs, you'll be happy to know that we continually find great ways to save our customers money. With discounts on diagnostics and towing with repair work, your wallet won't be gouged just because your car has a problem.


"I have been a loyal customer for over 35 years and I have always appreciated the things you have done for me" - Frank Levy, ChFC, RFC

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