Take your emissions test with confidence

You don't need to worry about whether or not your vehicle will pass a state inspection. All you need to do is give Holly Oak Towing & Service Center a call to schedule a

pre-test inspection.


Our ASE Certified technicians who are honest and friendly know exactly what the state looks for and will be able to tell you how your car matches up and if something needs fixing. Don't play the guessing game. Come see us and know that your vehicle is ready to pass.


We can diagnose and repair any emission problems that may cause your car to fail your state DMV inspection. We can also inspect your vehicle before you take it to the DMV. The vehicles are road tested for lights, wipers, horn, seat belts, window operation. Also the tires are inspected and pressure test is conducted on fuel tank emissions system.

On your second attempt?

Not to worry. Just give us a call and you can rest assured that we'll have your vehicle ready to pass on the second go-round. Not only will the state be satisfied, but you'll be able to drive with the security that comes with knowing your vehicle is safe.

What we check for

 •  Brake system inspection

 •  Fuel system

 •  Emission system

 •  Safety inspection

Quality you'll recognize every day

When you work with us, you'll see the difference that a quality repair shop makes every day that you drive your vehicle. From routine auto maintenance and auto repairs to our expert towing service, you'll easily see why we've been around since 1969 and Police Approved Towing with Reliable service technicians who are ASE certified.

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